Hanging Greenery: a Gardening Magic Wand!

Just a hint and every grey surface became a colourful garden.


Get your own unique one!

Green Safe hanging system fits all needs and dreams


Green Safe Vertical Garden

High impact, low troubles, no worries. Get yourself surrounded by a natural healthy environment!

Constructions benefits and countless aestetic solutions make hanging greenery one of the most innovative tool serving contemporary archtectonic language.

Sistemi verde pensile facile e veloce

An innovative technology: Green Safe Store Mod

Green Safe® offers its own patented technology to create green covers and hanging gardens. Safe, Versatile, and ready to meet all kind of constructions demands and requirements.

The cornerstone of every system is the STORE MOD element, a sealed module, preassembled and ready to be installed, which incredibly gather only in its feature four functional layers of hanging stratigraphy.

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Penthouse in Umbria

Intensive Hanging Garden

Metro B1 Rome

Intensive Hanging Garden

Indoor Greenwall

Vertical Greenery

Manor in Perugia

Intensive Hanging Garden

Get a pleanty of benefits with your hanging choice

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The only technology which complies with extensive, intensive, slope systems all in extra low thickness and weight. The Store Mod incredible characteristics make possible to finalise a hanging garden stratigraphy just in10 cm/4 inches.


The Green Safe® patent allows to install just in a single act four funtional layers of hanging gardens stratigrafy according the Italian Law UNI 11235:2015.


Our professional technicians offer a full assistance program to all our customers and clients, from the survey inspection through all the steps until the completion of the cover.


The installation of a greenery cover is contributing to a significant reduction of temperature variation between the inside and the outside of the buildings.


The hanging set is designed to protect the waterproofing layer by saving possible mechanical damages and reducing the impact of drastic temperature variations directly to the membrane. It means a valuable increase in sealing system shelf-life.


Hanging greenery system doble-up the acoustic insulation capability of a common tiles roof by assorbing and hampering sound waves transmission from outside the buildings.


Greenery covers works together with the hydraulic system and the sewer system of the roof. As an only actor, it partially stores the water. It controls, delay, filter and purifies the flow in order to keep clean and fully functional all the drainage system.


The opportunity to enjoy green areas essentially improves anybody life quality. Hanging greenery enable the great opportunity of turn livable surfaces otherwise useless. It means a huge increase in life quality and properties value.

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